Department Setting

Department Labor Union

Person in chargeYu Xiaoyun

Duties and ResponsibilitiesClosely integrate Labor Union work, Party work, development of culture and museum with improvement in staff’s quality; take building“Staff’s Family”as the requirement; as the link between the unit and the staff.

Contact Number:8229783

Department Executive office

Person in charge :Ye Qian

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of implementing Party and government work of the museum; in charge of official activities between political parties and departments of the museum; organizing, carrying out, implementing and supervising important issues and decisions; external publicity work; administration of integrated documents, archives and letters of the museum and executive service work and so on.

Contact Number:8253702

Department Collections’storage department

Person in charge :Chen Min

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of registration, collecting, storage and archives of collections.

Contact Number:8253709

Department Cultural creation industry department(Bowen Company)

Person in charge :Chen Yan

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of developing and promoting cultural creation industry, in charge of managing Bowen Company.

Contact Number:8253707

Department Exhibition Department

Person in charge :Wang Wenxian

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of showing, changing, planning and organizing exhibition.

Contact Number:8253703

Department Social Education Department

Person in charge :Wang Jing

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of organization and reception of visitors and interpretation service work; in charge of compiling the presentation draft and so on.

Contact Number:8253721

Department Property management department

Person in charge :Shi Lihong

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of administrating and preserving house property and permanent assets; In charge of keeping the museum clean.

Contact Number:8253712

Department Finance Department

Person in charge :Shao Xiaoqing

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of daily financial auditing work and distributing employee paychecks.

Contact Number:8253705

Department Safety and security department

Person in charge :Fu Chaohua

Duties and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of safety and security work of the museum; supervise and ensure the normal operation of monitors and fire-fighting equipments; management of security guard team, and so on.

Contact Number:8253713