JingdezhenChinaCeramicsMuseumtakes ‘ceramic capital, ceramic industry, and ceramics’ as main line. Making full use of modern technology and information exhibition methods, Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum sticks to the idea of taking human- orientation as the basis, ‘close to reality, close to life, close to human’, and takes conservation and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage as the goal, national first-class museum with Chinese characteristic and a flavor of times as the direction. It will become a public service platform that integrates collection, research, exhibition and education, where visitors can know the development process ofJingdezhenceramics and hold the view that Chinese ceramic culture is broad and profound. To attain the Chinese Dream of the renaissance of the Chinese nation, the museum exhibits the history of development and glorious achievements of Chinese ceramics andJingdezhen—the capital of porcelain in all ways, multiple perspectives and deep views.